Sunday, January 11, 2015

Fuchsia Hair

So it should come as no surprise that I got sick of my brunette/blue hair pretty quickly. I really loved the blue but wanted something more drastic. I debated back and forth whether I wanted to go completely blue which is something I've always wanted to do or if I should try fuchsia which I figured would be a little less upkeep.

I settled on going fuchsia and decided to stick with Manic Panic as my blue lasted much longer than expected and barely lost any intensity over time.

So again, I started with colored brunette with blue streaks and about 2 inches of regrowth. I decided to bleach my whole head and go all out and wasn't too worried about the damage because I hadn't lightened my hair in over 6 months.

I went with L'Oreal's Quick Blue bleach with a 30 volume cream developer. I opted not to go with a 40 volume to reduce damage and because I didn't need it completely blonde for fuchsia like I would if I went with blue.

I bleached over the blue streaks which didn't get rid of them, it just lightened them a bit. I let it all process for about 20 minutes before rinsing.

Sorry for the bad picture, but this was the end result. A brassy hot mess, which was really just fine. Since I was going with a red based color, the brassyness wouldn't affect it much whereas if I'd gone blue, I'd have had to have nearly bleached to white or risk the color pulling green (which has happened to me in the past...).

I let it all dry then got started on the color. Anyone who's ever used Manic Panic knows that stuff stains like none other. I would have gone with their Fuschia Shock but it wasn't available at the store I went to. Instead I bought Purple Haze and Hot Hot Pink and mixed it in even parts. I slapped it on and let it process for a little over an hour.

And this is the end result! Next time I think I'll mix the colors 2/3 pink with 1/3 purple but overall I love it!

We'll see how long this color lasts! 


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