Thursday, September 25, 2014

Our Little Girl's Bat Cave

The Kid's Bat Cave

So our little monkey is almost here. I'm 39 weeks 2 days and SO ready to not be pregnant any more... hint hint baby, you can come any time now!!

I've been busy as hell this summer and had absolutely 0 time to film. My makeup room is in our attic that currently has no A/C, so I wasn't in the position to do tutorials and all my weekends were filled with baby showers, birthday parties, holiday parties and more. Aaaaaaaaaand all this on top of starting a new job in June left me M.I.A from this blog and I do apologize. Last you heard from me I'd just announced the sex of our baby and showed off my blonde hair. 

Well, since then I've gone ginger again, then auburn/brown and now I've finished my hair with the typical "mom" color. I went back to as close to my natural shade as I could get it (with all the red undertones) to avoid the need to color it after our girl is born. I just know if I've been this busy without the kid here, I can't imagine how hectic things are going to get in just a matter of days....

My main project over the summer has been compiling things to get our nursery together. We painted it last June and decided to go with a bright turquoise for the walls. Early on I'd made the decision to avoid anything TOO girly for her room. I'm fine with pink and ponies and all that jazz, but the way I see it, the kid has 0 opinion at this point and since I'm putting my time/money in to this room, I'm going to decorate it how I like for now! If she wants to cover the walls in barbies and fairies someday, that's cool but for now, our theme was superhero!

My husband and I found several matching superhero posters at our Target and I love how they're more vintage-esque rather than the newer style of the cartoons/comics that are out there. Super lucky we were shopping when such convenient posters were out there! 

Most of my ideas came from Pinterest. I saw several adorable mini superhero posters/paintings/whatever they were and that's where I got the idea to do mini-paintings of vinyl Pop style superheroes. 

Steve and I picked our favorite heroes and I used acrylic paints to bring them to life! I plan on using ribbon on the outer borders eventually but just had no energy left to do it atm...

The pom poms and rope hanging on the walls and from the window came compliments of my mother. I found the idea for those off Pinterest also and set her to it and I think she did an amazing job! LOVE THEM!!!

Did a WHAM! Spiderman and Batgirl. 

Nightgrawler and Rorschach. 

Ms. Captain America, Wolverine and POW!

I also Pinterested the crap out of this lamp. I saw a pin of a lamp that looked plain turned off but had a bat signal turned on, so I cut out a pizza pocket box in the shape of a bat and taped it on the inside of the lampshade... I'm pretty proud *sniff*

We decided to put the dresser in the closet to save space and I love it. We will take the doors off the closet eventually to open it up more. 

And that's my nursery! Now all it needs is a baby <3

Hoping next time I post it'll be with newborn pics :) 


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